This Classic Rocket Red Snurfer Revives The 60s-Era Winter Toy


Few people reading this are likely old enough to remember the Snurfer, the 60s-era toy that eventually morphed into the modern snowboard. And while there’s absolutely no compelling reason to take up “snurfing” in 2015 when perfectly-capable snowboards are everywhere, it might be fun to try to relive the original “sled-surfing experience” with this Classic Rocket Red Snurfer.

Just like the original, these revived boards feature a wooden deck with a rope handle that you can use to carve down at the local sledding hill. Sure, riding this won’t look as cool as gliding down the powder on a decked-out snowboard (I mean, you’re holding on to a rope and everything), but if you want simple, light-hearted fun this winter, this thing should handle that with relative ease.


Putting a focus on “simplicity, authenticity and fun,” the Classic Rocket Red Snurfer faithfully recreates inventor Sherman Poppen’s classic design, complete with the V-tail concavity and the 60/40 rocker profile. According to the website, it’s a near-exact replica of the classic boards, allowing you to ride down slopes the exact same way folks used to back in the day. To ensure durable performance, the deck is cut from 100 percent North American maple, with a trio of 3mm flat EVA foam strips on the surface to provide traction during runs. Features include a firm flex, a straight sidecut, a three-channel base, and a length of 46 inches.

Available now, the Classic Rocket Red Snurfer is priced at $99.