Code Deck Playing Cards Is A Fitting Gift Idea For Developers In Your Life

Sure, your can play poker, blackjack, and any card game on a computer. But when you already spend all day writing code, getting a break from staring at an LCD-backlit display starts to sound like a considerably more attractive proposition. So turn off the PC, hide the tablet, pocket the smartphone, and play a round of your favorite card game on the Code:Deck instead.

Described as “playing cards for developers,” it’s an erstwhile regular 52-card deck that you can use to play any regulation card game, build pyramids, or perform magic tricks. Except each of the card faces come emblazoned with a code excerpt in a specific programming language, serving as a constant reminder of your code geek status with every single hand that’s dealt.

Each rank in the Code:Deck comes with code excerpts from different programming languages: Assembler for 2, Bash for 3, C++ for 4, Brainf–k (yes, it’s a real 8-command programming language) for 5, Python for 6, Objective-C for 7, C# for 8, Java for 9, PHP for 10, JavaScript for Jacks, CSS for Queens, HTML for Kings, and SQL for Aces. All code excerpts are related to the specific card’s suit and rank, essentially showing actual code for establishing those two values if it was part of an actual program. The set is made using chrome matte paper with double-sided USB polish, although they’re looking at using more durable plastic for future versions of the deck.

Code:Deck is available now, priced at $10.

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