Coffee For One With The Uber-Stylish WMF1


Coffee for one?  Why use a regular coffee machine designed to make several cups when you can cook just the right amount with the Coffee Pad Machine WMF1, a single-serve brewer that pumps out exactly 125ml of coffee every time (provided you put in enough water, of course).

Let’s face it.  Coffee cooked three hours ago is just better poured on the drain than down your throat.  It just tastes bad.  Of course, you can always make just one cup on a small, three-cup machine.  Thing is, even those small coffee makers are too big, not to mention too much of an eyesore, to keep on the same table you’re working in.


The WMF1 is an attractive-looking coffee brewer that’s designed precisely for on-hand use.  Compact and stylish, it should easily find room anywhere you set it, whether on your office cubicle or your bedside table.  Heck, you can throw it in a bag and brew your own coffee while using the free Wi-Fi at Starbucks.  Just be nice to the baristas so they don’t try to throw you out.

Each unit has everything you need to make one good cup of coffee, including an integrated water tank and a 70mm coffee pod holder.  Slip in the bundled cup, press the lone button and grab your coffee after a single minute of waiting.  Heck, that sounds faster than falling in line and waiting for your order.

Created by Designafairs, Coffee Pad Machine WMF1 is available in a variety of colors, including white, black, berry, mango, kiwi, stone and silver.  You should be able to get it from the WMF site, though I can’t locate either the price or the purchase button.  Hmmmm….

[WMF via Red Ferret]