Commissioned Etch-A-Sketch Pieces From EtchU


The Etch-A-Sketch has always been a child’s drawing canvas, not a platform of work for any serious artist.  While I wouldn’t call a guy who bills himself the “Etch-A-Sketch Man” serious, there’s no denying the work that goes into producing every single one of the commissioned pieces he delivers via EtchU.

Just like a regular charcoal sketch or oil painting, you can order a specially-commissioned Etch-A-Sketch piece from the “Etch-A-Sketch Man.”  Most of what he has done seems to involve portraits, although I’m sure he’d be able to knob a few other subjects in there.  Clients can order both custom-designed pocket Etch-A-Sketch pieces as well as full-sized ones.

To get started on your custom Etch-A-Sketch piece, send EtchU a JPEG image of whatever it is you’d like drawn.  You can request the sketch to be rendered either as a crude likeness, a cartoonish freakshow or a detailed recreation, depending on how you like your art.  Price will depend on how many knobs need to be turned to get your specifications – the more realistic and detailed the piece needs to be, the more expensive it’s likely to fetch.

Apart from getting the Etch-A-Sketch with its self-erasing function disabled, EtchU offers a few other ways of receiving your commissioned art.  Among the products you can opt for include a blown-up, full-sized poster print in high resolution, a digital video of the whole creation process (ready for upload to the web), a 3D print and a special method that permanently preserves your custom print (along with the whole toy).

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