Cube Is The Go-Anywhere Projector For Your Mobile Devices


It’s not exactly portable enough to fit comfortably in your pocket.  If you’re looking for a projector you can bring anywhere, though, the Cube should be compact enough to bring along with minimal hassle, allowing you to project content from your mobile devices anywhere you are.

Coming in a cube form factor measuring just 2 inches on all sides, it’s small enough to fit in your pants pocket, albeit in a terribly uncomfortable manner.  Throw it in a bag pouch, though, and you should be good, with a small projector within easy reach any time you want to watch clips, check out your 360-degree pictures, or look at anything on your mobile devices on a big screen.


Despite its size, the Cube can beam images up to 120 inches in size at 854 x 480 resolutions, complete with sound piping through the integrated speakers.  It can project content from any MHL or HDMI source, all while playing sound from an onboard speaker, with support for any input source up to 1080p. An onboard SD card slot allows you to use it without a mobile device in tow – just put the movie in the memory card, pop it in, and play it directly from the projector.


Features include a battery that should keep it running for about 90 minutes at a time, a brightness of 50 lumens, and a LED lamp with a rated lifespan of 20 hours.  Each one includes a tripod with a threaded screw on top for the Cube and legs that can bend for serving as a smartphone stand.

Available now, the Cube is priced at $279.

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