Cyco Cycle Rides Like A Unicycle, Stands On Three Wheels

Unicycles look fun.  But they also look hard.  If you want to ride a unicycle, but don't really care about all that balancing crap, the Cyco Cycle may just be your ride.

Sporting a name with "cyco" in it, you expect a little insanity to go with this pedaled ride.  And it doesn't disappoint, being a unicycle with three wheels and all.  Which makes it not a unicycle.  But you can ride it like one.

The Cyco Cycle is actually a tricycle that ditched the handlebars and replaced it with a saddle instead.  Yep, a saddle sitting right over the fork.  That way, you ride it like a unicycle with a 20-inch wheel, all while having the benefit of an extra two wheels in the rear to keep you steady the entire time.  If you have plans of growing up to join the circus, we guess you can think of it as a unicycle with training wheels.

Not that the trike itself is just a wimpier unicycle -- far from it.  Using a hybrid frame, pneumatic tires, dual grab handles and a couple of additional footholds, you can it use it as a trick bike of sorts, performing a few simple tricks for your own amusement.  The rear step bar,  which comes with a non-slip surface, can also be used to hold a standing passenger as you rock the cantilevered saddle about town.

While we doubt any self-respecting adult can rock the Cyco Cycle more than a week without feeling sorry for themselves, this looks like a fun ride for kids.  It's available from Amazon, priced at $83.