Devialet Gemini True Wireless Earbuds Scans Your Ears To Find The Perfect-Fitting Ear Tips

We’re big fans of Devialet’s 4500W audiophile speaker, which looks like some kind of alien doomsday weapon that will detonate and destroy the planet in one fell swoop. Not only was it unique in its appearance, the darn thing sounded pristine, too. Suffice to say, it’s one of the most intriguing speakers out there today. This time around, the outfit brings their audio talents to true wireless earbuds in the form of the Devialet Gemini.

The first portable product in the outfit’s 15 years in the market, the device crams all those years of acoustics R&D and engineering into tiny in-ears, allowing you to enjoy the impressive sound delivered by their speakers and amps on the go. And yes, they made sure the earpiece sported the same general aesthetic as their signature speaker, so it’s like having tiny Phantoms lodged in your ear for your listening enjoyment.

The Devialet Gemini is equipped with four sizes of ear tips just like many similar in-ear products, allowing you to find a tip that’s most ideal for your ear’s individual size and shape. Unlike other products, though, you won’t need to do your own trial-and-error. Instead, the ear buds can perform an ear scan the first time you put it on, allowing the companion app to recommend which tip will work best. Even better, it uses adaptive signal tweaking to automatically fit the music that plays through to that ear shape, ensuring superior, immersive sound right from the start, although they do offer a six-band equalizer for custom sound tweaking.

Like other higher-end products in the true wireless category, the ear buds come with active noise cancellation, allowing it to block out ambient noise by picking it up using onboard mics and drowning it out using an opposite signal. And yes, you can have it allow some sound in if you want to stay aware of your surroundings, with three levels of ambient sound transparency (low, high, and plane) available to the users. Just in case the noise cancellation causes some adverse effects to the audio, it comes with a delay compensation algorithm to fix sound on the fly.

The Devialet Gemini comes with an all-in-one touch surface on the rear that you can use to control the active noise cancellation, change transparency mode, activate your voice assistance, manage playback, accept calls, and more. That’s right, a single spot for every interaction you’ll need to do with the ear buds, making it very easy to use.  Each ear bud is equipped with a 70mAh battery, by the way, which gives it up to six hours of music playback with active noise cancellation running between charges, along with a charging case that holds another 24 hours’ worth, so you can enjoy listening a full day and still have a good amount of leftover charge for the next. Other features include IPX4 water-resistance (so you can wear it during sweaty workouts), Bluetooth 5.0 for a reliable connection, a Qi-compatible case, and a companion app that allows you to customize the gesture controls.

The Devialet Gemini is available now, priced at €299.

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