Someone Made A Mop That Looks Like Dogs With Hair That Look Like Mops


Keeping dogs in the house is a guaranteed way to make your living space messier, with their hair ending up strewn all over the place (unless you vacuum it regularly). So if your kids want a dog but you don’t want a mess, maybe there’s a compromise to make. Like, I don’t know, this Dog Mop from Japan’s Felissimo.

You know those fluffy-haired dogs that look like mops when they’re lying on the floor? Well, this is an actual mop that looks like one of those dogs. So it’s like having a dog that doesn’t shed, doesn’t pee on the walls, and doesn’t make boisterous noise any time there’s a rumbling anywhere nearby. You know, a maintenance-free pet.


The Dog Mop actually comes in two parts: a mop and a toy dog made from the same thick loose strings used on mops. You can use the mop on its own while your kids play with the dog like a pet doll, although you can also snap the dog right under the mop for using it to mop your home’s floors. Whether you need to dry off a spill in the kitchen, clean the bathroom, or mop up your actual dog’s pee on the living room tiles, this thing should do the trick in a manner that’s way more adorable than usual. It measures 17 x 30 x 15 cm (h x w x d) and comes in three colors: black, white, and brown.


Available from Felissimo, the Dog Mop is priced at ¥2,700.

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