Domsai Desk Pets: Attack Of The Alien Bonsai


What can you do to bonsai to make them stand out?  Recognizing the similarities between growing miniaturized shrubs and raising digital Tamagotchi pets, Matteo Cibic came up with the Domsai, otherwise normal bonsai plants housed in anthropomorphic containers that make them look like two-legged creatures, complete with sci-fi glass domes over their heads.

Like regular bonsai plants, Domsai “desk pets” are ornamental pieces.  Line up a bunch of them on a tabletop and you’ve got yourself a fleet of space invaders with way-cool-looking cactus heads.

Each Tamagotchi-inspired Domsai is a unique piece, all crafted at the artist’s studio in Italy.  The bonsai plants are grown individually, each one measuring 25 to 29 centimeters tall, before transplanting into the creations.  Depending on their size, shape and looks, Matteo custom-blows a different dome, each of which actually look like small LED light bulbs.  The legs that the plants stand on offer less variety, just the same two-legged mould with a rounded base that come in either white or gold-tinged ceramic finish.

The Domsai pieces were shown off at the Monotono exhibition space early this week.   If he can outfit these things with a tad more variation in body (I’d personally like some four-legged monsters), these can look seriously exceptional, with the whole science fiction angle to boot!

[via CoolHunting]