Dunk Mug Keeps Your Coffee And Biscuits All In One Place


Like to have biscuits with your coffee?  Have less dishes to clean up later with the Dunk Mug, an unusual-looking mug with a place for cookies and biscuits on the side.

Because of the modified design, the Dunk Mug is able to handle less coffee than usual, which dampens its thrill a bit.  It’s not the perfect mug, yet, but you have to admit – not having to carry biscuits on your other hand is a heck of a convenience.  How many times have you accidentally spilled hot coffee because you’ve been trying to balance a piece of cracker and a mug on one hand, while opening the fridge to find some milk?

The ceramic drinking vessel comes with a half-circle shape, along with a built-in bottom slot enough to fit three or four regular-sized cookies.  I reckon it should fit in at least two Oreos, too.  If you stole the cookies from the cubicle next door, you can hold the mug so they only see the side without the biscuit cache and feign, “Hey, I didn’t take it.  Look!”  You can even consent to having your pockets searched, since they won’t find anything anyway.

Do note that you’ll have to hold the mug with the biscuit opening away from you, so the food doesn’t fall on your lap when you dive in for a sip.  It’s available in two configurations, with the handle either on the left or right side, so both left-handed and right-handed folks can enjoy its benefits.

The dual-purpose Dunk Mug is available from Mocha UK for £13.99 (about $23).

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