Everyday Models Helps You Rent Aspects Of Your Personal Life To Advertisers


Want to get paid for doing things you normally do during the regular course of your day?  Check out Everyday Models, a pioneering service that seeks to sell your everyday life as an advertising platform.

If you think Abercrombie & Fitch should pay you for wearing their shirt with that large A&F logo on the front, so do these guys.  Unlike you, however, they might have a chance of actually making it happen, with a real modeling agency business behind them.

Basically, the company pitches whatever aspect of your regular activities they can sell off to businesses, managing the entire process from start to finish.  As an “Everyday Model”, you can hawk your social networking profiles, your clothes and your vehicle as a potential platform for advertisers.  They’ll probably be open to suggestions as well if you can think up other personal advertising spaces.

With people spending copious amounts of time on social networks, I’m pretty certain that particular part of the business will be a big hit, especially if the profile owners are hot girls with bikini photos.  According to the site, you can sell advertising on your profile pic and status line on either a weekly or monthly basis.  I reckon I’ll be seeing plenty of profile pics with the owners holding various products sometime in the very near future – that sounds too sweet a deal to refuse.

Apart from the unusual advertising gigs, Everyday Models can also book you for more traditional projects, including catwalk and fashion modeling.   Hit the site to learn how you can join.

[Everyday Models via Cool Business Ideas]