You Can Buy A Stuffed Doll Version Of That Flying Puppy-Dragon From The Neverending Story


The Neverending Story never quite earned the same lasting fandom as some movies from the 80s, but it doesn’t change the fact that the giant snow puppy of a dragon that Bastian and Atreyu rode is an awesome and wonderful beast. Unfortunately, the lack of fandom means you aren’t likely to find Neverending Story toy merchandise at the neighborhood toy store. Fortunately, someone made this Large Dragon plush doll.

Created by Etsy seller GameGuardians, it’s a big stuffed doll depicting the likeness of Falkor the Luckdragon, that part-cute, part-creepy, all-white flying beast, who brings luck to his passengers whenever they ride his back for travel. It’s a beautifully-recreated likeness, too, down to the creature’s rather confusing appearance, which raises arguments of whether it’s really a dragon or a giant puppy.


The Large Dragon plush doll measures around four feet long (including tail), so while it’s not quite big enough to ride, hugging it in bed like a pillow is definitely an available option. Each one is handmade from three different types of faux fur, with polymer clay eyes and a wireframe body, so it has some stiffness that allows it to be posed according to your liking. To finish, the doll gets a coating of metallic fabric glitter paint, giving the fur a slight but noticeable scale-like hardness and appearance.


Unfortunately, creating a doll as large and detailed as the Large Dragon plush doll isn’t easy. That’s why GameGuardians only sells one of the dolls every month. And, yes, the one for this month is already sold, so you might want to keep tabs on the product page in the coming months if you want to get your hands on one.

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