Filtrete Water Station Offers A Convenient Home Solution For Clean Bottled Water

A regular diet of bottled water can rack up in costs over the duration of an entire month.  That’s why folks seeking out alternatives is no surprise.  The Filtrete Water Station offers one of the best substitutes we’ve seen to picking up bottle after bottle from the convenience store.

Some folks I know make do with a Brita jug and a reusable bottle, which should work well enough.  This new product, however, easily bests that in convenience, allowing you to literally top up several bottles in seconds.

Instead of a slow-drip filter, the Filtrete Water Station (which measures 10.75 x 7.625 x 7.625 inches) uses a wide top that you can position right under a faucet.  An integrated charcoal filter will scrub out traces of chlorine, odors, sediments and all manners of impurities in seconds, then feed the cleaned-up liquid into four 16.9-oz. bottles parked at the stations underneath it.  Just wait the few seconds till all bottles top up and you’re done, with four ready-to-consume containers of clean drinking water.

The bottles employ a unique design that integrates both a cap and a handle in a single flip-up component, allowing you to hang the bottles if it’s a more convenient option.  According to maker Ideos (who developed it in conjunction with 3M), the included filter can process up to 100 gallons of regular tap water, which should last most households a good three months.

Launched back in July, the Filtrete Water Station is currently available for $38.  A two-pack of extra bottles costs $15, while the replacement filter retails for $11.
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