Fire Line Automatic 3’s Maintenance-Free Operation And Smart Features Make It The Ideal Modern Fireplace


There’s no shortage in options of electric fireplaces, whether you want to install one in a coffee table, a cabinet, or anywhere else in the house. Planika’s Fire Line Automatic 3, however, offers the kind of tech that makes it ideal for today’s increasingly automated homes.

Like other fireplaces from Planika, it features the company’s patented BEV technology that allows it to generate warm flames, without producing any smoke, odor, or ashes (that’s right, no need for ventilation or cleanup). It also burns a lot longer on the same amount of fuel compared to similar fireplaces, with the whole operation managed by a sophisticated set of smart electronics.


Unlike the company’s previous products, though, the Fire Line Automatic 3 comes with built-in WiFi, allowing it to hop on to your home’s wireless network, so you can control its operation remotely from an accompanying app. There’s also onboard controls with an LCD and an accompanying remote, in case you’d rather free up your phone for other things. It can even be integrated into home automation systems (no word on specific standards), ensuring it’s as future proof as all the modern smart home devices you’ve been slowly accumulating.


Features include six-stage precise flame control, a safety lock (so you can keep children from switching it on), and a set of onboard safety sensors that will trigger the device to turn off once anything wrong has been detected (e.g. indoor CO2 levels rise, fuel begins to leak, or anyone tries to move it). Standard model is 1,190 mm long, although they do accept custom sizes to suit individual home needs.


The Fire Line Automatic 3 is available now.

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