Christmas Tree Beard Kit Turns Your Facial Hair Into Wonderful Holiday Ornament

We don’t actually know how the holidays will work this year. With the second wave of that darn virus still circulating, the traditional parties and merrymaking just doesn’t seem all that viable this time around. Still, we have to find ways to make things festive. You can still decorate your home, dress up like Santa, or play Christmas carols and all that. Apparently, you can also turn your face into a veritable holiday decoration with the Christmas Tree Beard Kit.

That’s right, you can turn your beard into a Christmas tree, so you can roam the streets with a mask over your mouth and nose while showing off a beard covered in shiny baubles. Seriously, it looks festive as heck. Plus, it finally gives you a good use for that thick beard you spend so much time trimming, cleaning, and oiling, making this an absolute winner in more ways than one.

The Christmas Tree Beard Kit is a decoration kit containing a tub of temporary green shimmer beard paint, four clip-on red baubles, and four clip-on green baubles. The idea is to use the paint to color your beer in the same shade as a Christmas tree, then clip on the baubles at various sections to decorate it. Of course, you can also try hanging some of your regular Christmas decorations on there, like those alcohol-loaded baubles, colorful candies, and that P500 Power Loader ornament you got a few years back, although they will definitely be harder to mount since none of them have clips that you can simply snap on to your beard’s strands. And yes, we’re guessing you don’t want to glue those things semi-permanently to your face.

The Christmas Tree Beard Kit is available now, priced at $14.

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