You Can Control The Color, Brightness, And Direction Of Light In Fluxo’s Smart Pendant Lamp


Similar to smart bulbs, the Fluxo pendant lamp can change colors and brightness levels on demand, as well as autonomously control itself, depending on your preferences. Unlike a smart bulb, it uses multiple LEDs, allowing it to manage the direction of the light for even greater control of illumination in the room.

Using a ring-shaped cluster of LEDs, the lamp can be controlled to send the light towards any direction (down, anywhere on the sides, and even upwards to the ceiling), allowing you to enjoy whatever lighting setup you find most pleasing. No need for multiple lighting fixtures to craft the perfect mood for a room – this single pendant lamp can do it all on its own.


When fully illuminated, Fluxo outputs 2,800 lumens, allowing it to brighten up even larger rooms, with an integrated anodized aluminum heatsink sitting on top, ensuring the LEDs stay cool, regardless of how long you keep them switched on. All sensors and communication chips are installed right on the lamp, requiring no additional hardware for pairing with the accompanying app (iOS and Android). From the app, you can control the exact kind of lighting scenes you want, adjusting the direction, color, and brightness of the light using simple gestures.


Designed to learn your habits and behaviors over time, the lamp can automatically switch into whatever light scenes you typically use depending on the time of day, along with the ability to detect human presence within the vicinity (it can switch on and off autonomously, depending on whether people are around).   Forgot your phone? Not a problem, since you can move from one light scene to another by simply turning the lamp off and back on using the physical switch in quick succession, giving you a way to control it even without access to the app.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for Fluxo. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at €369.

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