Power Up Your Meals With The Game Box Lunchbox


Sure, you can pack your lunch in any container that can fit it, but wouldn’t you rather enjoy lunch while waxing nostalgic on your childhood gaming habits? That’s exactly what will happen when you bring your food in the Game Box Lunchbox, a bento-style container clad in the form of the classic Game Boy handheld console.

No, it won’t quite play Tetris, Alleyway, or Super Mario Land like the one you had back in the early 90s, but it does bring a faithful-looking appearance that can’t help but stir up old memories. From the screen to the buttons to the tiny LED in the corner, it recreates the full aesthetic, so you can relive all the wasted hours of your youth staring at 8-bit graphics on a tiny 160 x 144 LCD.

Made by Mustard, the Game Box Lunchbox measures 20 x 10.5 x 13.3 cm, so it should hold enough lunchtime food to help you power up for the day. Five separate compartments allow you to pack multiple dishes (aka every leftover you can find in the fridge) without having them mix, with a watertight seal to ensure soups, dips, and your homemade hot sauce don’t spill out into your gear while the box sits in your bag. Now, if only someone can make a replacement lid that also happens to be a working Game Boy, life will be complete. Well, close to it, anyway.

Slated to come out late September, the Game Box Lunchbox is priced at £12.99.

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