Foodskin Is The World’s Most Flexible Lunch Box


Unikia calls their Foodskin “the world’s most flexible lunch box.”  We’re not exactly sure if that’s a tongue-in-cheek play on words about its function or an actual fact.  Either way, we’re big fans of this space-optimizing food storage solution.

Know how you’ll sometimes forget to wrap your grilled cheeseburger melt tightly and find out, as soon as lunch time comes around, that the whole thing has fallen to pieces.  Breaks the heart, especially when you put in serious effort to assemble the darn thing perfectly.  Well, this “lunch box” makes the whole wrapping it in foil or plastic tightly unnecessary.

With Foodskin, you simply put the sandwich inside container and close the lid.   Instead of a rigid material, the lid is made with elastic silicone, so it conforms to the shape of whatever sits inside the box, holding everything tightly in place.  The empty sections of the bag remain flat, so it only adds bulk where necessary, allowing you to slip into your backpack or messenger without taking up all that much space.   After you munch the entire thing, the whole thing sits flat, too, making it even easier to stow away.  The rest of the lunch box (the rigid side and the frame) is made with BPA-free plastic and the whole thing is dishwasher-safe, so cleaning should be a breeze.

You can, of course, just carry this in hand to and from work, if you like to travel without a bag in tow.  Do note, this thing looks odd with food items bulging on the silicone skin, kind of like one of those alien things busting out of people’s skins.  Which, we guess, you’ll actually like, so enjoy.

The Foodskin is available now, priced at €24.95.

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