Goldfish Trash Bag Makes Your Refuse Look Tasteful, Stray Cats Agree

Want to mess with the trash collector’s head?  Throw your household refuse into a Goldfish Trash Bag and make them give your garbage a second look.

The erstwhile regular trash bags come with a novelty design, making it look like a water-filled receptacle with a few giant goldfish swimming inside.  Watch them pick the pile up and stop right before throwing it into the compactor, double-checking whether it’s really just fake fish swimming in there.

Each Goldfish Trash Bag is made from biodegradable plastic and can hold up to 13 gallons of household waste.  It doesn’t really bring any special benefits that your ugly and pedestrian plastic containers can, save for the fact that you’ll have the best-looking heap in the neighborhood.

One problem, though.  Being decked with giant goldfish pictures and smelling funky (it’s trash, after all), the neighborhood stray cat might fancy it a good idea to begin pawing at it, thinking it could house their next tasty meal.  You can literally end up having punctured trash bags, with all its contents littered by the sidewalk – not the best way to gain favors from the neighborhood association.

Ready to have the coolest-looking garbage in the ‘hood?  The Goldfish Trash Bag is available in packs of twelve.  Price is $15.99.

[Perpetual Kid ]