Gravity Two Recliner Chair: Levitation Made Comfortable


Here’s a chair that lets you rest in extreme comfort while looking infinitely cooler than ever.  Based on the original Varier Gravity Reclining Chair, the new Gravity Two features the same odd, yet extremely comfortable resting positions I’ve really never seen any other lounger allow.  To set it apart from its predecessor, the new product features a more stripped-down design, slimmer lines and better flexibility.


It works in an odd way that sets it apart from most other recliners.  Instead of just the actual seat and backrest tilting to accommodate your desire for comfort, the leg rests join in the movement, lending it a performance that’s way better than most any other recliner I’ve witnessed.

The Gravity Two offers four different positions, from a formal sitting stance to the full-on horizontal orientation you can see in the product photo.  Leaned back to a maximum tilt, it almost looks like you’re levitating (with a magician waiting in the wings to slice you in half).  The headrest can also be adjusted further, in case the position leaves you dizzy.  According to the manufacturer, this is the closest you can get to the feeling of zero-gravity without ever leaving the room (unless you live in a NASA facility, that is).

Buyers get several options when they get a Gravity Two, including a choice of wood finishes and leather colors.  It can also be bought with or without the armrest.  With an $1800 chair like this, though, will the added cost of an armrest really be an issue?  Hell, ship mine with three armrests in there!

Backworks (retailer) via GadgetGrid