Gryp Adds A Finger Sleeve To Your Keychain EDC Gear


You don’t have to be a germophobe to feel little iffy about touching public stuff. You know, the handrails in the train, the door handles at the comfort room, and the elevator buttons at the hospital. It is kind of gross when you think about it, after all. While you can wear gloves to keep from interacting with potentially-infected objects, the Gryp offers a more minimalist alternative.

A germ-resistant silicone sleeve, the contraption can be wrapped around three fingers, allowing you to cover your fingers every time you grab a door handle, hang onto a rail, or touch any other item that everyone else’s filthy hands have also been touching all day. Whether you’re an actual germophobe or just a guy who wants to act like one on occasion (like when you’re in a hospital or something), this thing lets you do that without needing to have a full-sized glove in tow.


Gryp is a small sleeve that can be folded into a cone-shaped tool that you can use to cover up to three fingers, with an adjustable tab closure for accommodating different finger sizes. It’s made from a flexible silicone material that will allow you to bend your fingers freely, all while having a soft texture for excellent comfort during use. The silicone has been treated for germ-resistant qualities, so you won’t just end up transferring germs from whatever you touched to the sleeve in your pocket.


A hole in a corner of the sleeve allows you to hook it up to your keychain, so it can sit there with your Pocket Samurai, Tiltpod Mobile, and other small EDC gear. It comes in four bright colors, by the way, to ensure you can easily find it in any drawer, bag, or pocket you slipped it in.


Available now, Gryp is priced at $2.99.

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