Tiltpod Mobile Is An iPhone Tripod That Hooks Into Your Keychain

You use your iPhone for most any impromptu photography need and it works just well enough. Problem is, you rarely get to jump into the frame, since you don’t exactly go around with a functional tripod in your personal stash.  The Tiltpod Mobile should keep you ready for those unexpected Kodak moments.

It won’t be able to prop up your point-and-shoot (much less a DSLR) like the original Tiltpod.  Instead, it’s been decked specifically for holding a smartphone because, let’s face it, nobody really walks around with a point-and-shoot anymore if they have an iPhone in their pocket.  It’s easy to use, too — just lay it down, set the timer on, join the frame and wait for that shutter to go off.  Done.

The Tiltpod Mobile is a small ball head tripod that you can hook into a key fob and slip into your pocket.  That way, you can have it with you the entire time — unless you have another mental lapse and forget your keys in the house or in the car (or worse, in the titty bar down the way) again, of course. It’s only sized to hold a naked iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S, though, so you’ll have to remove your handset from the case before taking a snap.

It features a grippy rubber base that lets you set it down without slipping on both smooth and rough surfaces.  You can insert the phone either in portrait or landscape mode, with the magnetic ball joint allowing you to gently tilt the phone towards any angle you like.  And, yes, the magnets should keep your phone from falling off even at slightly precarious angles.

Want one?  Photojojo has the Tiltpod Mobile available now, priced at $15.

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