Forget Creature Comforts, The Helinox Café Chair & Café Table Bring Home Comforts To Camp

A good camping chair can do a lot to bring creature comforts to your camping adventures. You have to admit, though, without a proper table to set down a bushcrafting book you’re reading, a board game you’re playing, or a knife you’re cleaning, it just doesn’t quite feel as comfy as those days you spend at home. The Helinox Café Chair & Café Table looks to bring those conveniences to your erstwhile rough and gritty campsites.

No, this isn’t one of those low-profile collapsible chairs and tables that people tend to bring along when they’re going camping. Instead, they come in standard heights and standard sitting angles, which should allow you to enjoy a book, eat a meal, or do any type of desk work with the same familiar postures as you normally do at home.

The Helinox Café Chair & Café Table consists of two individual products: the chair and the table, each of which can be bought separately. While they don’t come as a package, they are meant to work as one, as the chair seat’s height and angle are lined up perfectly with the table’s height, ensuring you can do your taxes on this with the same unencumbered focus you do when you’re working on your desk at home.

The Café Chair is taller than the outfit’s popular camp chair (Chair One), with dimensions coming in at 33.5 x 22 x 20 inches (height x width x depth). According to the outfit, the chair seat is also 12 degrees more upright than the Chair One, giving it a more standard chair angle that’s conducive for parking in front of a standard table for eating dinner, playing with LEGOs, and giving your tools some through maintenance to close out the day.

The Helinox Café Table, on the other hand, measures 27 x 23.5 x 23.5 inches (height x width x depth), which puts it at standard chair height, making it the perfect work surface to do your thing while plopped down on the Café Chair. It comes with a sturdy rigid surface, so you can slice produce on a cutting board and work on your equipment on top of it as easily as you would on any desk at home, with four legs connected via central cross-section ensuring it will offer stability on anything but the most obnoxious terrains (which, let’s be honest, you won’t be choosing to make camp in anyway). The table surface is also designed to wipe clean easily, so you won’t have to spend copious amounts of time cleaning any food spills or grease off it.

The chair, by the way, has a shock corded system that allows for quick set up, while the chair uses independently rotating table legs  that quickly snap into place. Suffice to say,  you won’t have a hard time getting these things up and running at camp.  When collapsed, the chair packs into a cylinder case that measures just 24 inches long, while the table breaks down into a zippered flat bag that you can carry like a giant tote measuring 24 x 25.5 inches (yeah, the tabletop is one solid piece).

The Helinox Café Chair and Café Table are available now, priced at $169.95 and $219.95, respectively.

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