Messermeister Made A Folding Chef’s Knife For All Your Food Prep Needs At Camp

Yes, you can use your EDC folding knife to dice tomatoes, chop down cabbage, and even slice off meat when you’re cooking outdoors. Problem is, those are all things best done with a proper chef’s knife. You know, the kind you’ll actually use for food prep in your home kitchen. Except, chef’s knives aren’t exactly the most convenient things to bring along to your outdoor adventures. The Messermeister Adventure Chef Folding Chef’s Knife changes that.

Designed by Messermeister with celebrity chef Adam Glick, the knife takes the traditional chef’s knife and puts it in a folding form factor just like the other knives you typically bring when exploring the backcountry. That way, you can cook with the same large blade with a curving edge that you can use for every kind of mincing, slicing, and chopping tasks your outdoor kitchen requires, all while being able to fold it in half for conveniently and safely stashing inside a pocket.

The Messermeister Adventure Chef Folding Chef’s Knife combines a wide 6-inch blade with a 6.6-inch handle, so you can get both the cutting edge and leverage required even for tougher jobs like disjointing large cuts of meat. The blade is balanced at the bolster to ensure precision control, with an edge geometry that, the outfit claims, has been optimized for hand clearance and full contact with the chopping board. That edge, by the way, has been ground to a sharp 15 degrees, ensuring it slices through hard vegetables and tough cuts of meat alike.

A locking mechanism integrated into the handle liner keeps the blade safely deployed when it’s in use, so it never accidentally folds up while you’re in the middle of a vigorous cutting task. It also uses an open-frame design that, the outfit says, will allow water to flow through the handle slot to make cleaning the knife easy once you’re done.

The Messermeister Adventure Chef Folding Chef’s Knife has a blade cut in German stainless steel that’s resistant to both stain and corrosion while being exceptionally tough and durable. According to the outfit, it holds edge very well, while being easy enough to sharpen to a razor-like edge. That blade is paired with two options in handles:  carbonized maple wood or a woven natural fiber. Truth be told, this thing looks sweet, all while packing all the necessary elements to ensure it performs well, whether you’re in the woods, the beach, or the dirty kitchen you set up out in the backyard.

It’s packaged in a set, along with a plastic cutting board and a carrying case, in case you’d prefer to have your main kitchen knife in its container. That container, by the way, can hold much more than the chef’s knife and the chopping board, with enough pockets and elastic loops to hold the full range of folding cutlery in the Adventure Chef line, such as a fillet knife, a peeler/parer, and eating utensils.

The Messermeister Adventure Chef Folding Chef’s Knife is available now.

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