Hexatraction Adds Grip To Your Surfboards Using Tiny, Transparent Pads


A foam pad works great for adding traction to your surfboard. Problem is, they end up permanently covering up your board’s graphics – not exactly the best option when you have a fancy board with custom art. Waxing would solve the problem, but the mess of regular coatings just make for a total hassle. The Hexatraction offers a third alternative.

Like traction pads, they’re designed to be stuck onto surfboard decks, giving them added grip and traction for better balance while you’re in the water. Unlike pads, they’re transparent, ensuring that absurd graphic you had your cousin spray onto the darn thing stays in plain view the whole time.


Hexatraction consists of hexagon-shaped pads measuring six inches in diameter that you can lay out in a modular configuration. Each one is thin, light, and non-absorbent, so it shouldn’t add all that much weight to your board, with a non-aggressive structure, so there’s no chance of getting any accidental cuts while enjoying plenty of traction. It’s designed to install just once, too, so no regular upkeep necessary, all while sporting built-in UV protection to help preserve your watersport equipment.


Each box of Hexatraction comes with 18 full hexagons, four half hexagons measuring 6.3 inches at the base, and a bundled jig for consistent spacing between the pads. Do note, a box is only good for outfitting a shortboard deck, with most longboards and paddleboards requiring two or three.


Available now, the Hexatraction is priced at $64.99.

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