Use Hitch Theaters To Turn Any Pickup Truck Into An Outdoor Cinema


If you have a projector, chances are, you’ve tried using it in, at least, half a dozen places around the house. We’re willing to bet, though, that you haven’t quite used it in the back of your pickup truck. The Hitch Theaters projector screen and stands are designed to let you do just that.

Consisting of a screen that installs onto a vehicle’s hitch mount and a selection of stands for holding a movie projector, the setup lets you turn the back of any truck into an outdoor movie theater. Whether you want to enjoy a movie while camping, watch a game during tailgates, or simply turn the garage into your personal movie theater, this thing lets you do just that.


The Hitch Theaters projector screen can be mounted either facing a pickup truck’s bed or facing away from it. That way, you can enjoy a movie while lying down on the truck bed or turn your truck into a mobile theater for the whole party to enjoy. They offer two kinds of projector stands to accommodate both – a rooftop stand for watching from the truck bed and a tall stand for projecting from off the truck. And, yes, they also offer a freestanding projector screen for those times you need the truck for something else.


While designed for pickup trucks, the screen can actually mount to any vehicle with a hitch. Just pair it with the tall stand to turn the back of any car or SUV into a theater on wheels, making for quite the convenient gear.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for Hitch Theaters. Pledges to reserve the screen starts at $290.

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