Honeywell HPA250B Air Purifier Will Alert You When Allergens Are In The Vicinity

Any air purifier worth its filter will clear your air of nasty contaminants. The Honeywell HPA250B, however, will not just do that, they’ll make you aware of their presence as well, buzzing your phone when it detects the presence of potential allergens at very high levels.

Granted, that sounds like a feature you probably won’t care about. You’re just happy to be rid of contaminants, after all — you don’t need to know when they come around. However, wouldn’t it be fun to figure out what, exactly, is bringing VOCs into the house?  Like, if the phone buzzes every time your mother in law visits or something. It could become the perfect excuse to keep someone you don’t want coming around without warning (“But, honey, she brings germs. Think about the baby”). Genius, right?

The Honeywell HPA250B pairs with your phone over Bluetooth, allowing the accompanying app to control the device remotely and provide alerts when contaminants make attempts to invade the space. The app can also alert you when the filter needs to be replaced (haha, your puny air purifier still uses filters), so it’s quite a useful addition to the setup. As for the purifier itself, it uses a HEPA filter to capture up to 99.97% of microscopic allergens, working its cleaning magic at an area of up to 310 square feet. Since it has an onboard VOC sensor, it can be set to only initiate cleaning when contaminants are detected rather than on scheduled intervals. It features four cleaning levels (germs, allergens, general, turbo) and onboard capacitive controls.

Available exclusively at Best Buy, the Honeywell HPA250B retails for $269.99.

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