How to Make a Cheap DIY Mosaic Wall


It can be hard to make a room look really unique, especially if you live in an apartment and aren’t allowed to paint or make any sort of permanent or even semi-permanent changes.  Most of these apartments feature walls that are dull, plain white, and about as boring as it can get.  There are, however, a few ways you can spruce up these boring walls with color that won’t cause your landlord to throw a fit.

While artwork, curtains, and other colorful items can certainly help, they aren’t going to get rid of those white walls completely.  However, there is a very cheap and easy way to create a brilliant color mosaic on a wall without opening a can of paint.  How?  All you have to do is head down to your local department store or hobby store and look through their scrapbooking paper.

Scrapbooking paper?  Yes.  That’s the genius part of this project.  All you have to do is collect a number of brightly colored scrapbooking pages, lay them out on your floor until you’ve decided on a pattern, and then use poster squares or other adhesive that won’t damage the walls to hang the paper in the pattern you’ve designed.  To really make everything look professional, you’ll need to measure the area you want to cover, figure out how many squares will fit in that space, and then carefully line them up on the wall so that your design is level.  You don’t want your paper slowly creeping upwards as it goes along the wall, for example, since this will create an eyesore worse than white walls!

How much for this entire project?  Well, it depends on how many pages of scrapbooking paper you get and how much you pay for it, but it’s possible to cover a good sized section of wall for very little.

Via The Swell Life