Recycle Technology Into Art


Many people love finding unique pieces of artwork that no one has ever seen before.  Sometimes this means stumbling upon an emerging artist who hasn’t become popular yet.  Other times it means finding something just different enough that no one else will have seen it.  That’s the case with some of this cool artwork created from recycled pieces of technology.

Jeremy Meyer is the creator of some of these cool pieces of art.  He creates robots and other mechanical structures from old typewriters.  He’s done everything from turning a typewriter into an angry, Frankenstein like face to making an entire person out of typewriter parts!  Even more incredible is the fact that he does not glue or weld any of the pieces together but instead finds ways of making the typewriter parts naturally connect to each other.

Ann Smith, on the other hand, loves making owls, dinosaurs, and other fun creatures out of old mechanical pieces.  Her robotic ram would fit in with any Native American art collection, while her dinosaur looks like it’s ready to start devouring anything in its path.  Her metal creations are even pose-able.

If you want something a bit different, you might be interested in Steampunk art.  This type of art uses gears, dials, and other pieces of technology from the steam era to make interesting jewelry, clocks, and other pieces of art.  One example is a necklace that was created from pieces from an old wristwatch.

Finally, there’s the artist known as iri5.  She makes portraits of celebrities and musicians, but her medium is a bit unusual—she makes them out of cassette or film tape.  The details on these portraits is incredible, especially when one realizes that the tape hasn’t been cut off the cassette reels.


via Web Urbanist