Huupe Puts A Giant TV On A Basketball Backboard For Playing On-Demand Training Videos

Smart home workout equipment has revolutionized the fitness industry, bringing guided workouts and group classes into people’s homes in a way that’s both time-efficient for individuals and very profitable for businesses. It just works. As such, it’s not a surprise we continue to see new outfits applying the same model for new types of training. With the Huupe, they’re looking to bring the same guided workouts to the basketball court.

That’s right, someone’s making a Peloton to help you realize your NBA dreams by combining the traditional basketball hoop with a backboard that doubles as a giant display screen. Instead of spending your time on-court shooting non-stop threes while imagining you’re the youngest Curry sibling, you can now use that time to follow custom-made training programs that will help develop your skills.

The Huupe consists of a regulation-size basketball hoop with a backboard that houses a giant TV. Really. It’s supposed to function like a real backboard, too, so you can bank shots from the mid-range like you’re a 5’10” Tim Duncan. Just try not to let anyone who looks like a young Shaquille from the 90s dunk on your hoop, lest you want that darn TV to break. The idea is, you can watch a coach showing drills and practice moves on the display, then you do the same thing on the court, similar to the current crop of smart home gym setups.

According to the outfit, the system can track a whole lot of data in your basketball training. It can monitor shooting data, including shooting percentage, swishes, shot trajectory, launch position, release time, and more, as well as more general basketball data such as speed, agility, and vertical jump, among others. Can this make you a better player? We don’t know. If you don’t have access to a proper basketball coach that can drill you in skills training while helping quantify your progress, though, it does sound like a capable alternative.

The Huupe comes with hundreds of on-demand training programs that can be tailored to your skill level and training goals, so everyone from new players to advanced prospects to old dudes trying to dominate the rec league can probably find something here to help them out. Oh yeah, the outfit put a real TV on the backboard, complete with streaming apps, so you can watch Netflix, HBO, and any other service you want from there, essentially giving you a basketball hoop that doubles as a giant TV for family viewing.

While there’s no mention of the screen size, the backboard measures 67 x 46.8 inches, with the TV taking up around 4/5th of the space, so it has to be a pretty big panel. Designed as an all-in-one solution, it comes with built-in 20W stereo speakers, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. According to the outfit, the hoop can either be mounted in-ground or on a wall, both indoors and outdoors, so you’ve got options when it comes to where you want to put your basketball court. Do note, it requires professional installation.

The Huupe is currently taking reservations for $100. Once the units are ready, those with reservations will receive an email, giving them the option to complete the purchase. Price is $3,995.

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