This Wooden Space Shuttle Toy Is As Decorative As It Is Fun To Play


We’re big fans of Huzi Design and their line of wooden toy building blocks, which combines classic toys with elegant design. Their latest toy, the Huzi Cosmos Pioneer 2, is a beautiful take on the classic space shuttle that’s bound to stir up creative play while looking good enough to show off even in the living room.

Like the rest of their toys, the space shuttle consists of multiple wooden building blocks, each of which can snap together using magnets to transform into finished form. And, yes, you can totally assemble the blocks however you like, as well as add in blocks from other sets, allowing you to transform an erstwhile straightforward space shuttle into something else.


The Huzi Cosmos Pioneer 2 consists of seven pieces with a total of 18 magnetic connections. Why so many? So you can put it together in a variety of ways. It comes with a launch base that can hold the shuttle either upright (for launching like a rocket before crashing on your nuclear plant building blocks) or on its belly (for displaying on the coffee table), which you can probably also attach to other parts of the shuttle to make it look like some mangled monstrosity.

Each block, by the way, is machine-cut in solid beech wood, then handcrafted to a smooth finish before being finished with low-VOC and non-toxic paint. Designed to last as a heirloom toy, it can be easily wiped with water for cleaning.

Slated to ship next month, the Huzi Cosmos Pioneer 2 is priced at $39.

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