IllumiBowl Anti-Germ Sanitizes The Toilet While Lighting It Up In The Dark


We’re big fans of Illumibowl’s toilet night light, which lets you see the target area in plain sight even with the lights totally switched off in the bathroom. Yes, it was a goofy idea that turned out to be highly useful in practice. The Illumibowl Anti-Germ reprises the same function, all while blasting the bowl with germ-killing light to properly sanitize it.

As with the original, the device can be mounted on the rim of the bowl with the LED light positioned inside, allowing it to brighten up the inner side of the bowl to keep things visible in the dark. Unlike it, the darn thing will rid the bowl of harmful germs and bacteria every time you take a leak.


The Illumibowl Anti-Germ uses a special bulb that releases a germ-killing and non-ultraviolet light wavelength, ensuring it will sanitize the bowl without being unsafe for humans. Specifically, it uses the blue spectrum light they use to cleanse and disinfect various items in hospitals in the open, which can damage the photo receptors of most common toilet bacteria in just six minutes of exposure. An onboard illumination sensor ensures the darn thing only lights up when the room is dark, while a motion sensor triggers the LED only when movement is detected within the vicinity. When not in use (e.g. when the house is empty), the LED will turn on once a day for eight minutes at a time to keep the bowl sanitized.


A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Illumibowl Anti-Germ. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $10.

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