Christmas Fir Cabin Spray Fills The Air With The Smell Of Freshly-Cut Evergreen Trees


Many people associate the holidays with one smell: the scent of evergreens that linger around the house after you put up a freshly-cut Christmas tree. It’s the kind of aroma that can cheer you up when you find yourself in the doldrums, bringing up memories of winter fun, holiday cheer, and goofy Christmas costumes. This Christmas Fir Cabin Spray lets you recreate that joyous smell without having to put up an actual tree, giving your living space that holiday scent with just a couple of spritz.

Whether you miss Christmas, need some cheering up, or just enjoy the smell of trees inside the house, this spray from Juniper Ridge lets you fill the surroundings with that fresh pine scent. Spray it around your cubicle after getting a reprimand from the boss, in the car when you begin to feel road rage creeping in, or around the living room after your girlfriend dumps you over Skype, then enjoy the rush of Christmas spirit that fills your heart with joy. Well, hopefully.

The Juniper Ridge Christmas Fir Cabin Spray uses just one fragrance ingredient: a formula made from cedar, fir, and pine, all harvested from the mountains of the Pacific Northwest. With nothing but wild plant-based aromatics, it’s as authentic a pine scent as you can ask for, tickling your olfactory senses the same way being in the middle of an evergreen forest or walking into a Christmas tree farm probably would. To use, simply spray it once or twice above the area you want to mark with holiday smell and you’re good.

Available now, the Christmas Fir Cabin Spray is priced at $25.

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