Kanye Vision Bookmarklet Lets You Watch The Web Through The Singer’s Specs


Want to see the web through Kanye West’s eyes?  Aside from acting like a self-centered douchebag while you browse on Facebook, you can use the Kanye Vision Bookmarklet, which places a layer of graphic that mimics the singer’s favorite sunglasses over every website you visit.

Sure, it’s going to make your surfing more difficult.  At least, you’ll get to see the web the way Kanye sees it.  Perhaps, it can help you understand why he’s such a conceited dork – who wouldn’t get pissed off when you continually have to filter the world through thick horizontal lines?

You can, of course, opt to get one of Kanye’s “shutter shades” from most every knock-off optics maker  in the world.  If you can afford it, you can probably even hire Alain Mikli, the designer who custom-made those slatted sunglasses, to craft one especially for you.

But if you just want to experience how Kanye reads TMZ or watches Hulu, the Kanye-vision bookmarklet from F.A.T. should provide it in ample amounts.  In fact, I just finished watching the Kanye episode of South Park with the thing on my screen – I guess he missed a lot of the jokes, which is why he didn’t get so pissed.

Like the creators said, if you want to “view the internet the way Kanye sees it,” just get the bookmarklet on your Firefox browser now.  Who knows, it might inspire you to become a douchebag Grammy-winning singer too!

[F.A.T. via psfk]