Kenyon City Grill: This Indoor Grill Lets You Cook A Family-Sized Meal In One Go

As much as we love indoor grills, the fact is, many of them are too small, often requiring multiple batches to prepare a proper meal for the family. That’s why we’re big fans of Kenyon’s offerings, as they tend to strike a good balance of size and cooking power. Case in point: the Kenyon City Grill, an indoor countertop grilling machine that should easily handle multiple steaks in a single go.

Designed for use in small apartments and condos, the grill combines a counter-friendly size with a cooktop that can handle a good amount of grub, allowing you to cook enough food for the family without having to run through multiple batches. Whether you want to grill four large steaks, a half dozen burgers, or a whole chicken with veggies on the side, this thing lets you do that, along with other combinations, instantly expanding the extent of your indoor grilling game.

The Kenyon City Grill is actually an updated version of a similar model from a few years back. It retains much of what made the original so good, while throwing in contemporary touches that make it much more complementary to most home kitchens. Specifically, they replaced the old handles and control knob with stainless steel ones that really level up the aesthetic, making it look like an integral part of most any kitchen, rather than an out-of-place addition.

What do they retain from the original? Everything else, pretty much. That includes the 155 square-inch cooking area, which should accommodate a good load of food compared to most standard indoor grills. Seriously, it easily doubles the cooking area for most countertop electric grills we’ve seen. It also retains the 1300-watt heating element, which, the outfit claims, sends it in excess of 500 degrees Fahrenheit in just five minutes and 600 degrees Fahrenheit in just 10 minutes. That means, minimal pre-heating times, allowing you to start cooking that barbecue dinner shortly after you get home from work.

The Kenyon City Grill uses a concealed heating element that directly cooks the food while being shielded from grease and splatter, eliminating the chances of flare-ups from happening in your kitchen. They achieve this by putting the heating element in direct contract below the non-stick grate, allowing it to heat the grates evenly in all areas while keeping the electric element from any kind of exposure. Instead of touching the heating element, all drips go straight into a tray further below, which you can remove for disposal after cooking. You can also add liquids to the drip tray (e.g. citrus juices) if you want to infuse the food with added flavor.

Construction is marine-grade 304 stainless steel that, the outfit claims, renders it both rust-proof and weather-resistant. Why the need to make an indoor grill weather-resistant? To give you flexibility, so you can cook in the balcony, the roof, or some other exposed space with access to a power outlet if you feel like it.

The redesigned Kenyon City Grill is available now, priced at $425.

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