This Clever Desk Organizer Can Fold Into A Neat And Tidy Wooden Box


It looks like any normal desk organizer you’ll find across cubicles at every office. It’s got individual sections sized to hold pens, notepads, and all sorts of office supplies. The Kikkerland Fold-Out Stationery Box, however, can actually collapse into a tiny box, making it quite the fascinating creation.

That’s right, this thing can fold into a neat and tidy wooden box, allowing it take up very little space when not in use. We have no idea who designed it, but whoever did, we have to say, it’s an amazingly clever piece of work.


The Kikkerland Fold-Out Stationery Box is supposedly made from wood, although we wouldn’t be surprised if this turned out to be plastic with wood veneers (or worse, decals) on top. For all we care, they can make it in cardboard and we’ll still be impressed, since the clever folding function just makes it such a fascinating tool. Now, if only someone can make a home furniture set that folds into a box just like this one (except, you know, way larger), we’ll really be impressed.


As for the actual organizer, it comes with a place to slot your pens, a stand to hold business cards (and smartphones), a catch-all box for office supplies, and a smaller box for those little square notepads. Oh yeah, it has to be completely empty if you’ll fold it back into its box form, since the different sections slot into each other precisely.

Available now, the Kikkerland Fold-Out Stationery Box is priced at $20.