Kolude DK-K1 Keyhub Combines Keyboard And Docking Port In One Peripheral

Chances are, your work desk has a keyboard, a mouse, and a port hub. You need the first two to do almost any actual computing task, while the third one is necessary to use different types of accessories. The Kolude DK-K1 Keyhub puts the docking hub right on the keyboard, allowing you to better streamline your workspace setup.

A keyboard and USB hub combo, the device puts two integral computing accessories together, allowing you to plug your USB accessories on the same peripheral you can’t live without anyway. Granted, it’s not as convenient to use as a separate port hub that you can move anywhere, but it does free up space on the desk, making it an attractive option for folks looking to tighten up their workspace.

The Kolude DK-K1 Keyhub is a full-size keyboard, so it should handily replace whatever you’re currently using to get your typing tasks done. It uses scissor switches, which we know quite a few people favor for their slim profiles and snappy operation, with no mechanical option, so those who prefer typing with a loud clicking sound won’t be able to use it as a proper replacement. The keyboard uses slim, rounded keys, by the way, which, we have to admit, look pretty good, with two-zone range functions that should help in optimizing your workflow.

Of course, what makes this keyboard worth the consideration is the integrated docking function. The entire rear edge of the keyboard is filled with a generous row of ports that you can use to plug your computing accessories without having to reach for the laptop or reach around the back of the desktop. Whether you need to retrieve files on an external drive, transfer files to an SD card, or charge any of your half-dozen mobile accessories, this thing should find plenty of uses in your daily computing activities.

The Kolude DK-K1 Keyhub has an HDMI slot for adding a second monitor, as well as a USB-C slot for easily connecting to any modern computer or tablet equipped with the port. There are three USB 3 slots, one USB 2 slot, and a USB-C PD charging port, so you can plug and charge a whole load of USB devices, as well as a TF card slot and an SD card slot, which makes it a great accessory for folks who shuffle through card storage regularly. When you plug a monitor into the HDMI, by the way, it supports up to 4K at 30 fps, so you can get really good visuals using this between your PC and an additional display.

Construction is single-piece aluminum for the body, which is CNC-cut for precision, with a non-slip mat at the bottom to keep the keyboard from moving around while you’re working. All the keys have built-in backlighting, too, so you can work with minimal desk lighting. It works with any Windows, MacOS, iPad OS, and Android computers.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Kolude DK-K1 Keyhub. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $99.

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