LCD Cards Let You Write Short Messages With Calculator-Style Type

We’re not exactly sure what you’ll be using these LCD Cards for.  But I have to admit, they look crazy cool.

Made by Christine from the Yellow Owl Workshop, the cards let you write digital-style messages that look like characters from an old-school calculator.  While you can do the same with any regular paper, these cards already have the lines pre-debossed.  That way, all you’ll have to do is shade the corresponding areas to come up with customized messages featuring perfectly-even calculator fonts.

LCD Cards are made from 100% PCW recycled paper and measure 7 x 4 inches.   Each one comes with 16 blank line characters debossed onto it, equally divided over two lines.  In case you need help with your digital letters and numbers, they come with a reference card, so you’ll know exactly which lines to shade to form your favorite swear words.

We’re guessing they will make for excellent personalized greeting cards, bulletin board postings and a medium for other short messages.  Plus, you can use them to spell “80085” just like folks used to do back when people still carried pocket calculators around.

Since these aren’t exactly the most common stationery around, the LCD Cards aren’t cheap.  They’re available for $4.50 each, with a set of 5 going for a discounted $18.