LEGO Ideas Jaws Lets You Recreate the Final Showdown from the Original Summer Blockbuster

LEGO’s been playing the nostalgia card heavy in the last few years, making sets of everything from transistor radios and NES consoles to typewriters and pop culture classics of yesteryear. Their latest reach into the vintage bin brings back a classic American thriller from the 70s in the form of LEGO Ideas Jaws.

That’s right, the original summer blockbuster is getting its very own LEGO set, bringing back the man-eating shark that terrorized audiences the world over. Whether you’re a classic movie buff, an avid LEGO collector, or just some dude who wants a real-life model of that crazy “man versus shark” scene in the middle of the sea, this just might be the next LEGO set worthy of eating up an entire weekend.

The LEGO Ideas Jaws recreates the final showdown between the great white shark and the trio of men in the Orca, allowing you to reenact the thrilling battle that finally put an end to the marine predator’s terrorizing run. Naturally, you get a large model of the shark, posed with its mouth wide open, ready to chomp at the boat and everyone else in its path. It’s quite detailed, too, recreating everything from the fin and the tail to its large sharp teeth, making it feel just as formidable an opponent as the shark in the film.

The set also includes a model of the Orca, the fishing boat the trio used to hunt down the killer shark. Naturally, they included as many details as possible from the original boat, recreating its lobster boat styling, mast pulpit, standing cabin, and more. They even threw in little accessories like the fishing poles, harpoons, and yellow barrels, among others. The roof of the cabin is removable, revealing the control deck, complete with a map of Martha’s Vineyard, while both the boom and rigging are adjustable, so it’s a more dynamic toy compared to your typical memorabilia.

The LEGO Ideas Jaws also gets a base platform where you can pose the Orca and the shark as a vibrant diorama. Instead of being a simple platform, though, the brick-built surface is clad to look like moving seawater, allowing you to reprise any moment from that thrilling showdown that saw the shark devour Quint and slowly sink the Orca before Brody eventually takes down the great white by exploding a scuba tank lodged in its mouth. Heck, you can even build the Orca partially, so you can show it off in various stages of sinking. The recommended diorama display, of course, is to have the shark emerging from the water with its tail below the seawater base about to chomp at the stern of the Orca, which, we have to admit, is an excellent scene to highlight.

When assembled, the diorama model measures 14 x 23 x 7.5 inches (height x width x depth), so it’s quite the substantial piece to show off on a shelf. The whole thing, by the way, consists of 1,497 pieces, including minifigs of Chief Martin Brody, Matt Hooper, and Sam Quint.

The LEGO Ideas Jaws comes out August 6th, priced at $149.99.

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