LensHD Cleans Your Glasses, So You Never Have To

It doesn’t matter how careful you are with your glasses – those lenses are inevitably going to get dirty at some point in the next couple of hours. Sometimes, it’s the sweat from your head that does it. Other times, it’s your dirty fingers brushing up on them accidentally. Another time, it could be sauce from some sandwich you’re stuffing in your face. Point is, your glasses will get dirty and you’ll need to clean them. A lot.  And it gets annoying. The LensHD gives you a small machine that can clean your glasses all by itself.

That’s right, you can now outsource the chore of keeping your glasses clean to our robot overlords, sparing you from the repetitive errand that anyone who wears glasses has engaged with endless times in the past. Not only does it free you from a mind-numbingly boring chore, it will also likely ensure a more thorough cleaning, since mind-numbingly boring chores are what machines have excelled at performing since the dawn of time. Or something.

The LensHD looks about the size of a portable Bluetooth speaker – you know, the kind you stuff in your bag, so you can annoy people with your music all throughout the day. Open it to reveal the cleaning compartment, which has four sponge-covered cleaning heads that will work their magic on both lenses of your glasses from each side simultaneously. Just place your glasses in the compartment by mounting the nose pads on the center section, close the machine, press the singular button, and let the cleaning heads go to work.

The sponges come with prominent raised sections that come in contact with the lenses, applying the necessary pressure to properly clean them, while ultra-soft microfiber cover for the sponges ensures there’s no scuffing and no scratching at any point. According to the outfit, the cleaning heads move in an off-centered rotation pattern, allowing them to clean the lenses down to the very edges, such that every section of each lens gets its turn with the sponge surface. Simply put, this thing is thorough.

The LensHD can be used without any additional cleaning products, although for glasses with an excess amount of oil and grease, they recommend spraying some lens cleaner onto the sponges to facilitate a deeper clean. How clean can they get them? According to the outfit, the machine is so good at leaving your lenses spotless that you will be fooled into thinking they’ve come straight out of the optical shop. Unless, of course, you’ve already scratched them at some point, in which case, it will just look clean.

The sponge-and-microfiber cleaning heads are removable, by the way, so you can take them out when they get dirty and wash them separately from the machine. They also sell cleaning heads separately, so you can replace them with a new set if you muck them up for whatever reason. Do note, the device itself isn’t battery powered, instead requiring to be plugged in via USB. That means, if you’re going to take this on the road, you’ll need a power bank to get those motors running.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the LensHD. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $79.

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