Use LG’s ProBeam Projector To See Movies Bright And Clear Even With The Lights On


Using a projector to watch a movie usually means turning the lights off (or, at the least, dimming it down low), so you can actually see the film. Not the case with the LG ProBeam projector, which shows the movie at a whopping 2,000 lumens of brightness, allowing you to enjoy movies, TV shows, and any other video content, regardless of the amount of illumination in the room.

That’s right, you can now play movies on the projector even in a well-lit room, so you don’t have to turn off all the lights and make the room really creepy when you binge watch The Exorcist’s entire first season. Yeah, you don’t handle horror movies very well.


The LG ProBeam comes in a portable size that allows you to move it around the house, so you can enjoy movies any place where there’s an electric outlet available. LG hasn’t quite released the maximum size of the projected image, although based on the product photo, the darn thing can throw its 1080p full HD image at a satisfying size.  Onboard Bluetooth allows it to stream audio to any wireless speaker, with Miracast allowing you to stream content straight from your phone.

It comes with four corner keystone and vertical auto-keystone, so you can quickly find the best image setting, regardless of how the room is laid out. Like LG’s new TVs, it runs the webOS Smart TV platform, so you won’t even need an extra device to get content to play.

No pricing has been released, but the LG ProBeam is debuting at CES this January.

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