Logitech K780 Is The Stylish Desktop Keyboard And Mobile Stand Your Workspace Needs


Even though you do most of your work on a desktop, chances are, you also do a lot of typing on smartphones and tablets even while on your desk. And while many folks have grown accustomed to using virtual keyboards, you can’t deny the inimitable convenience that a proper desktop keyboard provides. That’s what Logitech offers in the K780 Multi-Device, a stylish-looking universal keyboard that can quickly switch from one device to another.

Compatible with Windows, OS X, Android, iOS, and even ChromeOS, you can use it with most any device that’s currently in common use, so it can find a place in your workspace regardless of what platforms you use on your device. Granted, there’s no word on Linux… so yeah… you guys are out on your own. Again.


The Logitech K780 comes with an Easy-Switch button to quickly switch pairing to a new device, so you simply hit that to go from coding on your PC to commenting on Instagram in your phone to finishing up that email on your tablet. Sporting a design crafted by Feiz Design Studio, it’s not your typical desktop keyboard, with unique-looking rounded keys (that looks inspired by classic typewriters) and a two-piece body panel in contrasting colors that allow it to double as a stand for your phones and tablets. And, yes, it’s sturdy enough to accommodate even the massive iPad Pro (as well as Samsung’s matching monster-sized tablet), albeit strictly in landscape mode.


Features include concave keys, 30-foot wireless range, 128-bit AES encryption, and nine available key layouts. It powers using two AAA batteries, a fresh pair of which should last it for up to two years.


Available now, the Logitech K780 Multi-Device Keyboard is priced at €99.99.

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