Mad-Ramps Extend Your Truck Bed To Accommodate ATVs And Similar Vehicles


When you think about it, you should be able to load a side-by-side or an ATV onto the bed of a pickup truck. With both the truck and the ATV in front of you, though, you’ll probably spend an entire day trying to figure it out before finally giving up. Yeah, it can’t be done, which is why most folks tow their recreational ATVs instead. With Mad-Ramps, that doesn’t have to be the case.

A ramp that installs on the hitch of the truck, it essentially extends the truck bed, allowing your pickup to accommodate recreational vehicles that would otherwise not fit. That way, you can bring a side-by-side to your next outdoor adventure without having to tow a cargo trailer in the back, making the drive less of a hassle than it would otherwise have become.


The Mad-Ramps consist of two connected ladder-style ramps that can mount to your existing hitch and slide into position in under five minutes. It’s designed to work with all standard-sized trucks, although they can make custom mounts if your vehicle has specialized needs. Made from solid steel and aluminum, it should hold up to heavy abuse, with the ability to support recreational vehicles up to 1,400 pounds (sorry, SHERP owners).


Of course, it’s also a ramp, so you can use it to easily drive the side-by-side or ATV on and off the truck bed (it folds up into place as soon as the vehicle is loaded). It comes with multiple ground clearance settings, too, so you can position the ramps a little higher if you’re driving the truck across less-than-forgiving terrain.

Available now, the Mad-Ramps are priced at $845.

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