SHERP May Be The First ATV That’s Truly Worthy Of Being A Supervillain Car


You know how many toy cars have absurd proportions that make them look half-ridiculous and half-awesome? Well, the same thing holds true when real cars take the same absurd proportions. Seriously, how else are you supposed to feel about SHERP?

Designed to let you drive over any terrain, this truck/oversized toy pairs gigantic custom tires with a tiny cab and a pneumocirculation suspension, allowing it to plow through snow, swim through rivers, and climb over obstacles up to 27.5 inches tall. Seriously. It even does all that while looking like a supervillain vehicle right out of the annals of comic book history, making for an ATV that looks every bit as gnarly as it performs.


The SHERP ATV can ride up to two people, who use levers to steer and operate the mini-monster truck. Powered by a 44-horsepower engine from Kubota, the 2,866 pound four-wheeler can hit speeds of up to 27.9 mph on land, plow through at 3.7 mph on water, and climb steep inclines at 9.3 mph, with a skid-steer mechanism that allows it to turn in its own length similar to a tank, making it maneuverable in tight spaces. Each one comes with an analog instrument panel, halogen headlights, self-inflating tires with paddle-like treads, valves to drain any water that gets into the body, and a 58-liter fuel tank. It comes in two configurations: standard, where the cab uses a tent-like roof; and “Kung,” which throws in a hardtop with a door that opens from the top, shock absorbers, and a customizable cabin layout.


Available now, pricing for the SHERP ATV starts at $65,000.


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