Magic Creeper Improves The Mechanic’s Creeper With A Clever All-Fabric Design


If you perform any sort of maintenance with your car, chances are, you have a creeper somewhere in the garage. Chances are, it consists of a rigid board supported by small wheels at the base, allowing you to slide under the car while lying on your back. It’s extremely useful. The Magic Creeper looks to improve on this car repair staple.

Looking nothing more than an ordinary piece of quilted fabric, the contraption can be folded and tucked in a cabinet somewhere, making it more space-efficient than traditional creepers. Despite that, it provides just as much functionality, allowing you to slide forwards and backwards, as well as enable a little side-to-side movement, making it just as useful when performing repairs and maintenance underneath your car.


The Magic Creeper is, basically, like a yoga mat, except both ends of the mat have been sewn together, so that when you slide forwards and backwards, the entire mat can move along with you. To ensure it slides along without resistance, they used a super slippery fabric material that follows along with your sliding and twisting maneuvers. According to the outfit, you can roll up to five feet forwards and backwards while lying on the creeper, as well as move three feet side to side, affording you plenty of mobility while working under an automobile.

Since it’s just a piece of fabric lying on the ground, there’s no maximum weight limit, so as long as you can fit under the car, you should be able to use this. In fact, they’re claiming you can use this to move heavy furniture around the house – just find a way to get it under the couch, shelf, or desk that you’re moving to allow you to push the hefty object easily. All that without having to deal with mechanical parts that will require maintenance down the line.


Because the Magic Creeper relies on the slippery material to enable mobility on the ground, wheels are unnecessary, freeing up a precious few inches so you can move your arms more freely while working. It also doesn’t require a flat surface, since the material will retain its slippery properties whether you’re on the garage floor, the gravel driveway, or a dusty trail, all while being highly puncture-resistant, so it should shrug off small stones on the ground with no problem. Since you’re going to be using it in the garage, they made sure it’s resistant to both oil and water, so you can have spills on the floor without affecting the work that you’re doing.


When laid flat, the fabric measures 60 x 28 inches (length x width), all while rolling up into a bundle measuring 7 x 28 inches (diameter x length) when not in use. That makes it easy to stash away, unlike traditional creepers that you’ll proper rest upright next to a wall. It’s also machine-washable in case it requires thorough cleaning, although the outfit recommends just wiping it down after every use.

The Magic Creeper is available now.

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