Mangroomer’s Back Hair Shaver Cuts Deep Into Your Hard-To-Reach Hairy Areas

Got a carpet growing on your back?  If visiting a beauty salon to take care of it is out of your comfort zone, you might want to DIY it with this: the Mangroomer Electric Back Hair Shaver.

Familiar with those extra-long back scratchers that can reach comfortably into the difficult areas behind you?   This clever, little contraption works exactly just like that.  Except instead of clawing through your itch, it carves through the forest growing steadily behind you.

The Mangroomer is an electric back hair shaver that measures a mere 9 inches in length when tucked, allowing for easy portability and storage.  During use, it can be extended and locked (it’s got a lock button on the handle) at any length up to two feet, allowing you to perform feats of shaving that are otherwise impossible all by yourself.  Handle comes with a no-slip, rubberized grip, allowing for maximum control while you razor the hair off of those difficult middle and lower back areas.

To help cut shaving time even if you’re half-gorilla, it comes with a 1.5-inch wide blade, scooping up plenty of hair in just one pass.  Onboard rechargeable battery lets the razor operate at optimum power between charges, so you can use it while completely untethered to an outlet.

Looking like George “The Animal” Steele went out of style with the 80s, so why burden your wife with the shame of being married to his back-alike?  Seriously.  Take care of that problem before monkeys start inhabiting your back forest with the Mangroomer Electric Back Hair Shaver.  It’s the best $60 you’ll probably spend this year.
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