Mavic EZ-Ride Evolve Uses Magnetic Pedals To Hold Your Feet Down


Mavic’s new EZ-Ride Evolve pedals is supposed to solve the problem of your foot accidentally slipping when you’re riding your bike.  Instead of having cleats or toe-clips, though, they hold you down with magnets.  And that is strange.

When you think about it, though, it may not be all that odd.  An unusual approach, probably, but far from being nonsensical.  In fact, this should keep your feet in the best position available the whole time (something other solutions won’t be able to ensure), provided the magnets really hold as tightly as they should.

The Evolve consists of two pairs of equipment – the pedals, which come with a small magnet around the middle, and the shoes, which you’ll also need to buy if you want the combo to work.  Basically, the center of the pedal goes right into a recessed area of the shoe, where it holds in place by way of the installed magnets.  As a result, you get to ride your bike with your feet firmly planted, never slipping even when it rains.  Of course, bicycling when it rains is pretty stupid unless you want to catch a cold, but I digress.

Mavic has been known to take less-than-typical approaches to cycling products, so this is no surprise.  In fact, this reminds me of a problem I used to have, back when I rode BMX bikes.  Since I sweat a lot in the crotch and leg areas, I also found myself slipping off the seats.  So, if someone can please come up with a magnetized seat with matching cycling shorts, book me for a pair.

The magnet-toting EZ-Ride Evolve pedals are available for $60 a set, while the matching cycling shoes step in for another $90.

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