Mercedes F-CELL Roadster Looks Cool For A High-Tech Carriage


What will the Mercedes Benz of the future look like?  If the 150 trainees from Daimler AG who came up with this stripped-down concept vehicle has anything to do with it, it’s going to look like this unholy union of a carriage and a Soapbox racer billed the F-CELL Roadster.

Bearing large spoke wheels reminiscent of the very first Benz Motor Car from 1886 and a body inspired by Formula One racers, it honestly looks like the kind of car a toy shop will stock on their aisles for 5 year olds.   If this is what a team of 150 future engineers can come up with over an entire year of work, I’m scared to imagine what 300 of them will do.   Something even more quirky, perhaps?

Drawing from recent developments in alternative car technology, the F-CELL Roadster is driven completely by a joystick and draws power via a stack of emission-free 1.2 kW fuel cells situated at the tail.  Luxury stylings featured in the vehicle include carbon-fiber seats, hand-stitched leather covers for various parts of the cabin and Formula One-inspired styling of the fiberglass front section.

The car is a running concept, able to run at top speeds of 15 mph with a driving range of 220 miles.  A training exercise for the junior employees in developing alternative drive systems, the F-CELL Roadster will likely never see real production

Via :  Jalopnik