Mini Sky Umbrella: For Those Who Can’t Stand Depressing Weather


Cloudy days get you down?  No need to – just pop the Mini Sky Umbrella open and see blue skies once again.

Sometimes, fooling yourself is more preferable than facing the truth.  The ultimate in escapist design, the Mini-Sky Umbrella lets you stay oblivious amidst dark skies and torrential downpours.  Nature can unleash its wrath however it wants – if you look up and see clear skies, it’s probably real, right?

Covering a 38-inch span when open, the MoMa-designed Mini Sky Umbrella is large enough to allow two people to deny reality from under its shelter.  It measures a compact 11-inches long when folded up, with both the opening and closing available with the single push of a button.

Sporting a realistic-looking blue skies print on the inside panel, your world will look peaceful and calm, all while the world around you is drenching in nature’s wrath.  Outside panel looks like a regular black-canvas umbrella, giving onlookers no clue to the retreat it houses within.  Be careful, though – you don’t want to stay in your fantasy blue skies for too long and forget it’s actually raining all around you!

Those who want to deny the reality of rainy weather can get the Mini Sky Umbrella for $34.95.