This Horrifying Anglerfish Plush Doll Is Anatomically Accurate Inside And Out


Like other plush dolls, Morris the Reversible Fish is a soft and comfy toy that you can lay your head on for a nap or cuddle with when you’re feeling lonely. Unlike them, it’s designed to serve as an educational toy, so it comes with anatomically-accurate anglerfish parts, making the darn thing look like a horrifying monster.

That’s right, it’s a plush doll of the deep-sea anglerfish, complete with its beady eyes, large fangs, and disproportionately-sized mouth. So, yeah, it looks like a creature straight of a nightmare, instead of looking cuddly and adorable the way animal plush dolls normally do.


Morris the Reversible Fish isn’t just anatomically-accurate on the outside – it mirrors the bony fish inside, too. As such, it’s designed in such a way that you can turn the doll inside out, revealing the entirely its innards in the process. That includes its veiny pink flesh and various bodily organs, making it particularly fun for kids who enjoy their toys just a little more gross than usual. The doll has a body made from fleece, with the fangs and various organs cut in felt, chiffon, sateen, and canvas.


A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for Morris the Reversuble Fish. Pledges to reserve a unit start at $40.

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